About Industrial Stores

We are just a little fish in a big sea of industrial supply giants!   Its easy to order goods online, there are thousands of choices.

  • Do every feel like nobody cares when you call one of the big Fortune 100 industrial supply companies?     
  • Should a customer feel like a number just ordering from a catalog?     
    • HECK NO!   
  • Ever needed customer support or technical service only to get an answering service, be put on hold or transferred to a 3rd party in call center (on the other side of the world)? 
    • NOT WITH US!

We created IndustrialStores.com to put a pulse and some TLC back into the heart beat of industry.  At first, only few vendors wanted to supply us; “we only work through traditional distribution channels”, or “no, we don’t sell over the internet”; they would declare. 

However, it didn’t take too long before clients and vendors started to notice that at IndustrialStores.com, its real people, providing real good service.  Today, vendors realize that there is a place for the traditional wholesaler, and a place for distribution over the internet.  They also realize that IndustrialStores.com is a go to place for HVAC and industrial supply. 

Over the years, we have helped thousands of customers save time and money by providing parts for equipment in an array of applications and commercial sectors, including; HVAC, Refrigeration, Facility Maintenance, Laboratory applications and more. 

At IndustrialStores.com, its not about our Stock Market listing, our “World Head Quarters” or about our fancy automated building.  The images you see here are of us; real people and not elaborate million-dollar marketing campaigns featuring models.  Our team is real, and available to help you source products for your office, workshop, lab, plant, process equipment, and maintenance department.

Our knowledgeable team is available to assist you.  Real people providing real good service.  Give us a try, we will prove ourselves!